MA in ancient history (Gold medalist)
B.ED, B.Mus (Sitar), Ph. D.

Dr. Anil Kumar Singh joined NIOS on 28 February 2011 as assistant director (Academic) on deputation from KVS and served as regional director of regional centre Allahabad from 19 August 2011 to 12 may 2013 and June 2014 to July 2015 .

He has served as regional director of regional centers Dharamsala (HP) from November 2013 to June 2014.

He has setup RC-Dharamsala (HP) and made the regional centers functional under his leadership in short span of time

He also conducted a pilot project in 2013 of MHRD for the educationally backward district of Up i.e Sitarpur and Lakhminpur-Kheri successfully.

Presently he is serving as the regional director of NIOS RC Ranchi w.e.f   27/07/2015

Before joining NIOS, he has served as PGT (History) in KVS and Principal in NVS.

He has experience of teaching as well as administration. In the administrative humdrum
Dr. A.K. Singh has Bulk ward his way through poetry and creative writings. His poetry and creative writings convey such idyllic message and wisdom that it is difficult for anyone to remain untouched, being a bachelor of music, he is a person full of music and delight.

He is known for simplicity and practical approach to vital issues of academics and administration.